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The Best CMS for Business – Thesis and WordPress – Content Management System

CMS - content management system - Thesis Theme and WordPress work best.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a growing trend for small and medium-sized businesses. The ease of use combined with the power of content maintenance and site editing and incremental growth make the CMS model attractive to online businesses that need heavy control of their marketing and online presence.

The WordPress platform is arguably superior to CMS systems such as Drupal or Joomla – and with the arrival and support of the Thesis theme for WordPress, the argument for WordPress as the best business CMS is even stronger.

The Thesis and WordPress combination combine to create an excellent small- to medium-sized business CMS choice for a number of reasons:

— WordPress has proven longevity and support, with regular security and functionality upgrades. One-click upgrades and easy database backups are a bonus to any CMS system.

— WordPress is open source, as in, free. As a CMS, WordPress provides a secure, stable, robust CMS platform natively, though core files are sometimes edited for more advanced functions.

— While often and most famously used for blogging, the feature set and wide assortment of no-cost plug-ins and add-on functionality mean that WordPress provides a simple but strong foundation for both intranet CMS deployments and consumer-facing content management systems.

— Thesis currently costs just $87 for a single-domain site license, granting membership to active, helpful user support forums for the life of your CMS. Upgrades, new “skins” and functions, it’s all there. If you run multiple domains or instances of a CMS, Thesis offers “every domain you own” pricing for a scant $164. Forever.

— Both WordPress and Thesis allow for extensive visual customization and branding – just ask Krispy Kreme – with no ads or links required to third parties for developer option subscribers.

— Small business owners using Thesis and WordPress can create a “custom site” with CMS flexibility in a matter of hours. A growing number of reasonably-priced Thesis design professionals are available to make your Thesis installation, whether as a CMS or corporate blog, as unique as the Krispy Kreme example.

— Competing products and solutions are often far less easy to “get up and running” than the hour or two required to download, install, and configure both WordPress and the Thesis theme. That such a powerful CMS combination can be uniquely branded and customized visually to fit your business needs – in just a few days – is remarkable.

— Thesis offers excellent CMS capacity while retaining intuitive but powerful SEO controls. Business content writers and marketing managers can create pages, posts, and categories with competitive keyword and phrase meta data, without touching a line of “real code” in the process and without waiting around for or compromising search engine power with the IT team.

— The support of WordPress and Thesis contains quality text and video documentation, from CMS essentials to tip and tricks on customizations and best practices.

With many CMS custom solutions costing well into 5-6 figures, WordPress (free) with Thesis ($87-164), along with any visual or custom PHP to expand your CMS functionality, represents a price point and functional CMS solution at a budget most small business owners can afford.

Why delay? If you’ve been researching a Content Management System (CMS) for your business web site, get WordPress, Thesis, and if you need assistance in creating a professional design with more advanced functionality, contact one of the DoubleMule Certified Thesis Designers for a custom CMS quote along with additional advice and consultation services.

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1 michaelmindes whinnied... 06/2/2009 at 6:53 am

You have me convinced. I already love WordPress, jumping in with Thesis + WP + Custom Design seems like the most affordable, upgradable, and expandable way to go about managing Tasty Minstrel Games website.

2 NoNeedForAName whinnied... 04/29/2012 at 1:01 pm

WP is fantastic if your concept of a CMS is a glorified blog. Still, it sure is shiny for the fact it’s a toy.

Pay for CMS software? You’d have to be barmy.

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