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RSS Feeds Disappear in Google Feedburner Migration

Have you lost Feedburner RSS feeds to the great Google migration?  Followed the Google rules, got a “success” email… and watched as subscribers, feeds, and metrics disappeared entirely?

You’re not alone.

The mules decided to “upgrade” before the suggestions became force.  Not like Google is resurrecting what used to be the finest RSS publishing tool and one-stop modification shop for email subscriptions, basic statistics, and general ease of use on the web.

At Google, revival only comes when the horse has been beaten, dead, and left to sit in the bleaching sun for a year or so… and so it was with the acquisition of Feedburner.

It’s the same!  It’s better!  And all you have to do to keep on using the same service you’ve loved for years is… give up your Feedburner login and join the dark force… grab your Google Account now!

Weather a few seasons of Google acquisitions and maintain healthy skepticism and more than one blog or site, and you’re bound to have a whole stable of Google Account logins.

The mules made one especially for the Feedburner burn-out, figuring Google’s migrations are becoming more and more akin to software upgrades and fixes and patches from what was once the world’s most despised silicon monopoly.  No, forget about Pamela Anderson!  We mean Microsoft, the first evil empire.

As Google routs Mozilla Firefox with Chrome, tramples MSN Live Microsoft Search… uh… whatever you call that third-rate search engine, and dominates the online top-tier “generic and instant-on” advertising space in search, guts Feedburner, and slashes at beloved beta projects like, err, Dodgeball – it seems right not to put all one’s eggs in the same transitional basket.

Even if that means it’s just another Google Account.

Which was perhaps not such a bad idea.  Had the mules used another account, riddled with Analytics and Webmaster Tools and Gmail and Groups and Bookmarks, perhaps it would have been less obvious that Google flat-out, no excuses, completely bungled their Feedburner account and feed import migration.

Luckily, the steps were simple enough to rule out a fumble by the mules.  You login to Feedburner as always, you get your muzzle stuffed into links warning about how this perfectly functional service – no longer active or supported, be that as it may – is being closed.  The upshot is that will change to, courtesy of Google, the all new… – progress!  It’s like Feeds 2.0!

So you click the link with resignation and impatient hooves, sigh, make your forty-third Google Account throwaway, and submit to the “migration and export import process” which takes, you notice, all of about a minute, and you weren’t watching for the first 50 seconds out of habit.

Quite the improvement!  For those who liked maintaining open, logged-in Feedburner sessions for multiple feeds and tracking thereof, you can now rest assured that you’ll not only be flipping in and out of different Google Accounts like so many pairs of thermal underwear, you will be monitored and presented with “custom” search results and generally find Big Brother Google over your flanks at all times.

With that minor snort of dismay that comes of finding out that, “success!” on screen and in your inbox you may have, but in your new Google-Feedburner account screen, all your feeds have disappeared.  Subscribers lost?  You expected that.  Statistics buggered?  SOP and mentioned in the Google migration FAQ.

But losing the feeds is… pretty well losing the whole bloody point.

All the mules can say is that after a very punishing session of trying to use Google’s search engine to find anything like “Feedburner Migration to Google Deleted all of my Feeds” and failing – more paranoia – they were able to contact a helpful soul who noted this was an emerging and “urgent” issue, and had been passed along to the Feedburner team.

And thanks to the dear lad for that.

But it would have been a far more pleasant weekend to not be forced into using a broken service.  That’s a burr under the saddle, every time.  In fact, it’s very much like Microsoft’s automatic updates – except those can be turned off.  Or like how Microsoft used to send the mother ship tiny bits of data about the user, and pitchforks and torches came up ’round the world.

Except when it comes to Google’s strong-arm purchase, failure to support, and then closure and (same day service) grand re-opening of Feedburner, minus the feeds – we all know full well that update is not automatic, it’s mandatory.  And the mother ship now collects far more than even the most Keebler of cookies ever thought to in the good old days.

If your feeds disappeared during a Feedburner to Google Account transition, fear not – the mother ship is aware, is watching, and once Feedburner has been properly assigned all possible blame, all will be well.

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