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Tool to Widgetize Thesis Hooks

Widgetized Thesis Hooks Code Robot Output

Creating additional widgetized areas can be a chore for the inexperienced.

But, to properly set the barn floor’s stage, perhaps the Mules ought explain what a widgetized area is, and offers?

A widgetized area is but a hook — a position within an existing framework, such as Thesis for WordPress — yet a hook that can, after widgetization thereof, be used in similar fashion to existing, default, registered widgetized components of the site. Namely, sidebars.

Thus, quite like a default sidebar, should you widgetize an area — a hook — it will then appear in the WordPress “widgets” section, and sundry items can be dragged and edited and saved… with no additional PHP.

Widgetizing an area can, therefore, be right handy. Even the most vacant-eyed of humans can edit a simple text widget… the alternative being to dig into custom_functions.php to modify a function’s content. We shall not touch the difference in complexity of running a custom wp_query… yes, you are lost, read on… to cover the same ground as might be done by dragging a widget to a pseudo-sidebar — hail the widgetized area!

Well then… you must feel rather special by now, for you have read something.

But then, how to go about the process of widgetizing an existing location for one’s personal amusement?

You could attempt to learn a dab of PHP — at this, we bray in your general direction — else, you could use the Herd’s latest tool.

Tick a checkbox, click submit, and you shall have PHP code that can widgetize any reasonably useful area within the Thesis framework.

For your consideration, the Herd presents: Easily Widgetize Thesis Hooks.

You shall fail, even in this… widgetization of Thesis does yet require a coordination of mouse and hoof — but we can do only so much.

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1 tom whinnied... 06/23/2014 at 9:02 am

So cool that I found your Widgetizing code generator in a Google search. I see it’s only for WordPress upto 3.4.1 (I do have Thesis 1.8.5). I have found the code indeed generates the Widget within the Admin-Widget page … but it does not allow anything within the widget to go live to the front-end. Hmmm, might you be testing for WordPress 3.9.1? I hope you can aid in getting it working for all of us to enjoy!!


2 The Mules nickered back... 07/17/2014 at 1:01 am

The herd has been aware of an issue with the numbering strategy for these widgetized areas for some span, but as the task of updating was left to the mangy dog… well, it only follows that nothing much has been done for it.

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