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Loren Feldman is Sweet and Cuddly!

Loren Feldman - Sweet and Cuddly Advice to Ashton and Demi

Loren Feldman, the king of 1938 Media, is a give and take sort of guy.

Give him a “dopey” answer and he’ll tear you like a natural birth. Six months overdue. You will need stitching.

Give him a relatively fresh perspective, a glimmer, a sense of self and spirit – and he’ll spend hours talking about mules.

He seeks life. He hates the walking dead.

Loren is an A-list marketing dervish with a flair for the artistic, and he’s got no time to piss away hearing it all over again.

The equation is no secret: Loren’s side of the fence is controversy. His medium tends to be video.

Not a bad side of the fence to guard.

With controversy come the herds of curious new visitors. When you’re in marketing and media, that’s a sweet spot. Controversy’s no easy work routine – it’s thin ice, upon which most tread poorly… and seldom on purpose.

Loren lives there.

Yet precious few articles paint the president of 1938 Media in a wholly positive light.

Grudgingly respectful, yes.

Positive? Not so much. Hard to get past the “naturally hairless” Shel Israel puppet for the mule-blogger set.

Well, that’s a pot of nonsense.

So he’s fisting a male puppet on camera. Move on. Better yet, come back next week. It’s an act, and a good one – funny, irreverent, and insightful.

Jim Henson would be proud.

The real Loren is a sweet, cuddly man, and it’s time the world knows.

As Loren treats his enemies, so he treats his friends. The same fire and sincerity burns for each, in opposite directions.

His clients know better. Now you do, too.

The mules said so, didn’t they?

Sweet, giving, cuddly, Loren. Complex as a wine review; quick-witted, generous – and sharp in more ways than one. Handle with care.

Practice not being a hive-mind asshat, drop a dime, and you’ll discover it all for yourself. If you’re a smart VPM grade of mule, you’ll try to burst into his demanding schedule.

Good luck on that.

It’s not easy being a master of puppets.

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