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The Talkies: Will Video Kill the Ugly Bloggers?

Talkies - Video Kills Ugly Bloggers

Think of your favorite bloggers.

What do they look like? Sound like? Often, nobody knows.

Video is sweeping the Internet, and not just on YouTube. There will always be room for text-based blogging, but “big” bloggers and the rock stars of the recent generation will, eventually, be on the little screen.

No more avatar, no more grainy picture from a conference. Video. HD video. Will it kill the ugly bloggers?


Obviously “ugly” is a simplification. In fact, ugly is less of a problem than charm and delivery. A blog post can take several hours to write, and can be skimmed in seconds. A video post may take hours or days, and is often only 5-10 minutes – but few “skim” with fast forwarding or accelerated frames.

Enthusiasm, speaking voice, gestures, posture – and yes, looks – are part and parcel of the video experience. Pauses, flubs, and mispronunciations are a slow death.

Presuming the same quality and authority of content, would you rather watch and hear Sam Eliot or Pauly Shore? Judi Dench or Rosanne Barr?

As video overtakes text, “ugly” bloggers can go two routes.

When the “movies” became the “talkies” in 1927 and beyond, beginning in earnest with The Jazz Singer, there was a massive talent shift.

Accents, nasal voices, poor stage presence, and more led to the death of many a promising career.

Some “ugly” bloggers will survive – but only if the move to video can enhance their ability to connect with their audience. Video won’t kill based on looks, it will kill if the blogger cannot embrace and asnwer a single question: can they entertain in live motion, with audio?

Kill the lights, silence the keyboards: the blog’s on.

While you watch, ask yourself this: are you prepared with a video-blogging persona?

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