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Thesis Custom PHP Functions Code Generator

Sample Custom PHP Functions Code Generator Output

The Thesis framework allows users to create custom PHP functions.

The file with which you command this PHP power is deviously named: custom_functions.php… and it will defeat you.

Ah, such marvels you could perform with but the proper syntax in this PHP file!

Curse the heavens, for you haven’t a clue how to use PHP — your brain function is limited, your PHP functions, moreso…

But fear not, human… the Herd is strong with this one.

The Mule Herd presents: the PHP Functions Code Generator.

Two editions are provided.

The “calf simple” PHP function asks only that you supply a function name, paste content, select a hook from the dropdown, and click submit.

The “epic mule” edition extends the form to allow for conditional PHP functions — including arrays — with an optional priority action field.

Both versions of this PHP robot facilitate the swift creation of custom PHP functions, even for those — this means you, dear biped — with little or no knowledge of PHP, Thesis, the meaning of life, or prior experience modifying the custom_functions.php Thesis file.

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