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Lisa Firke Creative Studio – Thesis Designer Series

Lisa Firke Creative Studio - Thesis WP Theme Designer

Lisa Firke Creative Studio

Thesis Designer – Lisa Firke
Headquarters — Little white ranch in the woods, just outside the District of Columbia, in Virginia, USA
Designer Home Page —
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Thesis Designer Profile – Designer’s Statement [Updated: 12/12/2012]

From 2001 until 2011, I ran a solo design consultancy called Hit Those Keys. My specialty was personal and solopreneur sites, particularly the hybrid of the two needed by children’s authors and illustrators. My work encompassed all the graphics, design, coding and production of the sites, and, often, the copy and the content strategy, as well. I’m still very proud of this work and my portfolio page lists some of my favorite still-active projects.

Being an admirer of Chris Pearson’s early WordPress themes, I snapped up Thesis back when it first became available and have been exploring the possibilities and potential of this highly flexible framework ever since. My own custom site at still relies on Thesis.

My new focus follows on my lifelong love of making things (up) and illustrating these ideas. I publish an eccentric newsletter called Rabbit Rabbit and am preparing to launch a multimedia project called Fireplace Theater at in 2013. The blog for my theater ensemble will be built on Thesis.

Rate Structuring for Custom Thesis Designs:

These days I rarely take on new clients, but sites typically start at $2500 — please inquire.

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1 kristarella whinnied... 03/5/2009 at 12:03 am

keen eye for detail and an interest in creating a cohesive whole is totally right on. I always enjoy how smooth Lisa’s designs are. They always make your eyes and brain go “Ooh”.

2 stella whinnied... 02/28/2012 at 9:02 pm

What is your estimate for helping to customize my style blog? I need help with uploading my jpeg background, designing a new header and sidebar buttons and creating a similar look and feel for my facebook page if possible. Please let me know. I only have the thesis design trial for another week and I would like to get this done asap. thanks, Stella

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