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Kolakube – Thesis Designer Series

Alex Fraiser of Kolakube - Certified Thesis Theme Designer for WordPress Blog Custom Mods

Thesis Designer: Alex Fraiser – Kolakube
Designer Home Page:
Headquarters – Burlington County, New Jersey
Client Inquiries:

Designer’s Statement…

My primary style of designing is logical use of soft gradients, styling harder in critical areas to create elements that “break off of the page” — and I have increased my focus on typography with each new Thesis theme design. I implement a clean, action sensitive style into every Thesis design I create, and those I have worked with have fallen in love with their new Thesis-based blogs and sites as a result.

Custom WordPress Thesis Theme Designs:

A designer and blogger myself, I am now exclusively working with the Thesis theme, and have been for over six months. Given my personal success with my own Thesis-themed blogging work, I bring experience to my clients not only as a designer and developer of Thesis, but as a blogger and growth-minded individual. Because I only freelance on Thesis designs, my specialization means I bring customization for others that is fast, efficient, and effective. I can easily take any installation of the Thesis theme and make it look super.

The “hooks” system makes natural sense, and I am acutely aware of “what does what” and which hook should be called to make custom PHP functions that deliver strongly for my clients. With an ever-growing client list, I am careful to balance incoming work requests with the ability to devote time to creating “wow” designs in a reasonable amount of time, while still offering personalized service and support.

I know not everyone can design for themselves, and that is why I offer my services as a Thesis professional. Having working with a variety of people, some who are completely new to Thesis, some who were new even to blogging and WordPress, I’ve yet to find anything but success and full satisfaction in my own work – from my perspective, and from that of the client.

Thesis Designer Portfolio:

Blogussion represents my best work on Thesis, and is probably the most memorable — even famous? — Kolakube design to date.
The first time I tried those notorious #D boxes. I think the result was nice.

A clean and simple Thesis customization, Asnio is a work in progress as I hone typography skills and use of balanced space — all reflected in this blog’s design and layout.

I really liked the outcome of this one, it was a great learning experience to code new functionality.
My first client after taking the plunge into freelancing, and I think this made a great start for me.

Pricing for Thesis Theme Customizations

Depending on project specification, charges range from approximately $25 to $50 per hour.

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1 gregrickaby whinnied... 07/19/2009 at 7:06 am

Alex! This is huge congratulations!!

2 stella whinnied... 02/26/2012 at 11:26 am

Please let me know if you are available to work on a project for a fashion blog and what the estimate would be to:
-customize my thesis site (all i did was purchase thesis) and I currently work off of wordpress. need a new header, side bar, buttons and headers
-upload my background image
-create a matching Facebook look and feel and help me get oriented with it
-help me with the blog’s seo

3 Brad Dalton whinnied... 05/9/2012 at 9:16 pm

Agree. He’s a kid taking huge leaps and bounds and someone i’m backing. Hope he keeps on improving his themes. His forum is excellent, much like the Thesis forum and Sean is a real asset to the team as well.

Really like the Marketers Delight2 skin and the selection of feature boxes

Pretty cool submit button he have here!

4 The Mules nickered back... 05/10/2012 at 12:24 am

The herd’s submit button code was donated to human charity here, should you want a similar one of your own:

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