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Shatterboxx Media – Thesis Designer Series

Jamie Varon of Shatterboxx Media - Thesis Theme Designer for WordPress Customization

Thesis Designer – Jamie Varon
Designer Home Page –
Headquarters – Bay Area, California, USA
Client Enquiries –

Designer’s Statement…

Shatterboxx Media specializes in creating visually brilliant and captivating customized sites using the Thesis theme for WordPress.

Jamie Varon, Lead Designer and Founder of Shatterboxx Media, has a keen eye for design, including specialties in color theory and typography. Jamie is well-versed in CSS/HTML and Thesis Hooks.

With her expert knowledge in how Thesis operates, Jamie can deliver a design that is both functional and brilliantly expressive of your brand.

Shatterboxx Media specializes in delivering designs that are unique and personal to your brand as a personal voice, a business web site, or official company blog.

Peers and Mules Have Their Say…

The variety of personal tastes, opinions, and design preferences occur before Jamie starts designing, and her clients get sites they fall in love with; visually explosive and unique as fingerprints.

Jamie’s impeccable attention to detail, her personal touch and desire to confirm each client is beyond satisfied with their site or blog design – this makes Shatterboxx Media rise to the top of our recommended Thesis designers and freelancers.

Need a clear indication of Jamie’s personality, vitality, and mule-like refusal to accept second best? Inside a month, she’s met personally with the founders of Twitter, graced the cover of MSN Money /, become a DoubleMule Certified Thesis Designer, and is being interviewed by CNN.

We’ve already fielded referrals for her Thesis design availability on the merest whisper of her profile launch. Shatterboxx is going to book quickly, much like the other Thesis Designers in our roster. Make contact while you can!

Thesis Design Portfolio

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1 gregrickaby whinnied... 07/19/2009 at 7:09 am

I’ve collaborated personally on a few projects with Jaime, she is a true artistic talent disguised as a freelancer! She wont let you down!

2 stella whinnied... 02/28/2012 at 8:35 pm

What is your estimate for helping to customize my style blog? I need help with uploading my jpeg backgground, designing a new header and sidebar buttons and creating a similar look and feel for my facebook page if possible.
Please let me know. I only have the thesis design trial for another week and I would like to get this done asap. thanks,

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