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Thesis 1.4 Pulls Like a Corn-Fed Mule

Thesis Pulls Like a Mule - and it Costs Less than a Bale of Hay

SEO is the unholy grail of designers who think they can code, or programmers who think they can design.


It could be argued that SEO stands for “Silently Emulate Ostriches” in the modern age, where leaving marketing out of an acronym or job description brands you a fossil from way back in 2008.

Still, if you isolate all the social, online, video, and affiliate relationships from the universality of search, a humble blog remains a damned good way to get immediate and long-haul traffic via the immediacy of subscriptions and RSS feeds – and organic search, too.

If your blog is an SEO monster powered by full use of Thesis 1.4, an SEO aware blog that is a standalone WordPress blog site/domain framework… why, a very long tail is yours to comb.

HFSOMFGBBQ and triple spanked dear baby wailing Jesus, don’t be dunderheads and sheeple.

Stop reading this and go buy Thesis 1.4 already!

Get the developer’s edition if you have more than one domain of your own.

You’ll find ways to use Thesis 1.4 you’d never consider with “a blog” before now. Some of the younger mules may even take Thesis 1.4 to bed at nights.

To read. Until they fall asleep naturally. Mules are sterile, do recall.

Yah sicks.

Back on Thesis, the organic links, the rank juice, and the latent traffic can flow for months if not years. There exists the option to post “pages” in WordPress. If properly massaged, Thesis 1.4 will reward the creative and persistent blogrammer with posts that are effectively pages.

Pages that are bloody simple to make, that have intuitive SEO prompts, and are part and parcel of the richest single source of WordPress crowd and code control in the world. Anything before has been a plug-in or a candy foil. Wrappers and widgets.

Thesis is both and neither.

It’s the best overlay you’ll ever have.

With Chris Pearson at the helm, and a deep crowd of friends and supporters behind him, Thesis 1.4 will be followed by Thesis 1.5, and you can take out your other hand and count the rest. To date, upgrades are free, once you EFFIN’ BUY THESIS.

This is not a theme foundation that is dying anytime soon.

Noble Thesis has rapidly become a premium, paid, popular, rabid SEO community favorite. The DIYThemes forums are busier than WebProWorld, and all over a single, complex simple product few of the outlanders had heard first whispered just a version or two back.

Versions are measured in weeks, it should be noted. Quick to it, someone tell Microsoft. Weeks!

Mules are known for being grumpy, stubborn, and paranoid. But they also respect the dickens out of anything that can pull as hard as their own potential, especially with cost efficiency. Thesis 1.4 does that easily. Give Thesis a crunchy red apple and a lazy weekend of your time – and it will pull even harder. Hooks, custom code “insert here” depth by way of simplicity; it’s all there.

For the hybrid progatives out there – yes, mules are known to invent words – progatives are those “SEO” folks that are part color swatch coordinator, part walking cgi-bin, at last you can apply the skills you know best with a silent partner.

Grab Thesis, and then get back from the brink. Do what you do best. Affiliate marketing. Spending all day with face-time on Facebook. Whatever. Let Thesis do the rest, it will do so better than your false instincts or lack of experience may otherwise suggest.

Go forth and enrich yourselves and others: create the skins and wrappers and themes and eye candies Thesis buyers want.

You basement code Binnies, go create the next wave of add-ons and PHP miracles and integrating bits Thesis buyers need.

But before you go, remember to become a DIYThemes Thesis affiliate.

You’ll get to add “marketer” to your job title with zero effort.

And you snag extra scratch (33%) in the process.

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