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Thesis Tutorial Roundup – Getting Social

Google Plus One - Create a Profile of You Making an Ass of Yourself

Greetings, bipeds.

There have been changes brewing since last the herd spoke to you. The invasion of privacy continues… it has become the gold standard of “Free as in FreeBird!” — thank you, Original Napster — practices that secure human souls in exchange for detailed personal information.

About you.

Now, because the human species places greater value on its Facebook walls, the frippery of tweeting, and Google’s stock prices email accounts, you won’t care when your DNA is sold to your enemies… not so long as free maps exist.  Hurrah!

The significance of the Google +1 nonsense is that of the Google Profile required to better trace and track you and your friends — that is to say, your extremely casual acquaintances you know nothing about but media companies do — as they engage in sundry “Plus One” adventures. So most of them are offshore agents paid to frolic in this new Wild West of spam, it matters not.

Your Profile can and will be used against you. But what of that!  Live it up while you can, no?  Really, can it be any worse than the other horse apples you’ve dumped as iframes and plugins into what just might have been legible regurgitation otherwise?  No surrey-bob!

Thus, to that foul end, if you are desperate to sell your soul… best do it properly!  Forthwith, a list of the lesser evils one might use to charge into social media chaos…

The herd could hardly have better itself made sense of the Google +1 mess — here’s how to add the Google +1 code to a Thesis / WordPress site. Total Buzz kill.  We shall have the Cat write a fitting eulogy on Knol.

And lest the king of bodily invasions be forgot, you’ll want to stop and eat the roses, or at least slow down… by adding Facebook Sharing, too! Google may claim the high road to hell in withholding facial recognition technology — but you can bet your blankets The Face Book will not. Be sure to tag everyone you hold dear with PID and malicious adjectives.

What’s this?  Hold that stagecoach!  You say you have no site upon which to moan of social injustices?  Why then, you can choose to go a’ Tumblrin’ down the free bird tree, or you can exercise a dash of horse sense and get yourself a reliable, managed web hosting solution.

If you make it that far, since the herd is linking whinny-nilly to their site as it stands, you should buy a copy of the Thesis theme for WordPress… shore-up the real you, make a foal of yourself on your own domain, publish your own data and content for the scrapers…  and pay a pittance for the dwindling freedom to maintain whatever slender chance remains to conceal such unsightly birthmarks as you surely have.

That’s the end of this here rodeo.

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