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Altavista Search Engine Memorial Day

Altavista Search Engine Memorial Day

Altavista is a better search engine than Google.

Not because Altavista indexes more pages. Not because Altavista serves fewer ads per page. Not because Altavista offers better news. Not because Babelfish is cool. Not because they’ll reprice stock for employees, stiffing the public.

Altavista is better than Google because it has “been” since 1995.

It’s better because you won’t find a link to Wikipedia as result #5 for “Altavista” using Altavista.

Oh no. Wikipedia will be #3 for “Altavista” on Altavista.

Ah, dang. Bad example.

Try “sandwiches” – Google duly lists out a bunch of sites.

Wikipedia first, obviously.

For “sandwiches” Altavista tosses out top-10 gems like Arby’s, Subway, Quiznos.

Google does not.

This surely means one thing: you were not thinking of sandwich companies when you entered “sandwiches” and went lucky.

Or maybe you were.

And that’s part of why we’re announcing an observance of this first International Altavista Search Engine Memorial Day, a time to reflect on where the web has been, where it is, and where it’s going – whether we all like it or not.

How to play?


Go search on Altavista.

All day.

Google it, if you must – but get over to Altavista!

Show a single day of love to a search engine that was once a high-end portal, that once dominated search: Altavista, king of IPO misfires.

Yet Altavista survived the bubble; survived Overture, survived Yahoo! – so far – and is still kicking today.

No snooty mottos; none of this “we make it our way” devil’s deal cloudware.

Use Altavista for one day.

You might not find what you’re looking for – and then again, you might just find something better.

To a mule, that sounds refreshingly relevant.

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