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Aluminum Mule Shoes: How to Shod Mules

Aluminum mule shoes are a common substitute for steel shoes, and are fitted to each mules hoof.

So, you want to learn how to shod mules with aluminum shoes, eh?

Partner, aluminum shoes are more of a quarter horse luxury.

Ever heard of an Arabian mule?

No sir, we mules tend to stick with steel shoes, curved like a filly on a feed bag just for our unique hoof shape. Give us a carbide or borium traction stud if you want to get all fancy. Put a wedge pad for draft animals in our trough on our birthday.

Sure, those lightweight, long-lasting, soft-impact aluminum shoes are a sore temptation for half-lamed pulling stock.

For those lucky few mules folks put in parades, stomping hoof to hard surfaces like asphalt, rocks, race tracks (don’t laugh!), concrete, that sort of thing – well, aluminum shodding surely does sound nice to them, we expect.

Problem is, unlike most snooty horses and parade fodder, real mules do real work.

You don’t pull a hitch plow in the bottom forty wearing your shiny Sunday best, and aluminum shoes feel mighty delicate when your chores include stump-pulling, hauling wagons through the muck, chasing a mangy old dog around the corral – all the wonderful things mules do best.

You can shod mules with aluminum shoes, and you can lead a horse to water. Maybe both would be appreciative, but those horses can do their own thing: we mules will do our best to thank you with a well-placed kick or bite.

Aluminum mule shoes – posh!

Now, the mules have a rough-shod confession for you… this is a test post.

Your stubborn, long-eared authors are using today’s post to demonstrate certain aspects of “SEO for Everyone” blogging as made possible by the Thesis theme for WordPress.

No aluminum mule shoes, no advice on how to shod a mule. Stand back. There, that’s a solid “how to” when you go after a mule’s hoof without asking.

Farriery. Dangerous work.

We had to scramble plenty just to find a picture of a mule shoe, and it looks to be drop-forged steel, not aluminum. Mules go for the bite test when it comes to precious metals – can’t say for sure based on an image.

Ended up drawing a vector mule shoe and branding one of our own for the header JPG.

While this post is for tutorial purposes, all is not lost.

If you truly want to learn how to shod horses or mules, buy a set of aluminum (or steel) shoes for mules or horses, if you need hoof maintenance and repair products, then visit our friends from Spanish Lake – a blacksmith shop that knows a flat heel from a “well-heeled” mule in the time it takes to forget to close the gate.

Don’t stand there waiting for shoeing tools and an anvil to fall on you; hoof it on over to Spanish Lake and nail deals with a business that’s had steel and aluminum horse and mule shoes hot off the forge since 1876.

With a great site and a pedigree older than the north pasture, they’re a shoe-in when the mules vote for the “mules welcome” site of the year!

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