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Business eMail – Show Us Your Twits!

Show Us Your Twits!

Twitter is famous for 140 reasons. Your business emails can be as succinct. Are they? This post inspired by yet another B2B email text wall.

Every day, the spam arrives in wave after wave – corporate spam we must read. Press release. Marketing drivel. That atrocious HR newsletter.

With Twitter you can cheat – use multiple posts and get a big point in; but it’s rare to see. Most tweets are a single encapsulated thought.

What Twitter does is compress meaning to the essence. Some go on about nothing, but veterans use the space, conserving keystrokes with care.

Was your last business email crisp and precise? Did it say all it needed to, and nothing more? Are you the one sending 2500-word monologues?

At risk of offending, perhaps you should consider tightening your prose. What have you sent today that demanded a full hour’s time to write?

What did you send – or receive – that was the heart of business, a core idea, a new strategy… that really begged ten long minutes to read?

Marketers might note that anything you say or read must be capable of fitting into a sleek, compact elevator pitch. Does your email do that?

If it doesn’t, you’re wasting time. Yours and your employees’ – and time is money. Give the Twitter method a try. Cramp yourself on purpose.

Smart mules may have noticed by now: this entire post is composed of precisely 140-character paragraphs. Be clear. Make sense. Don’t ramble.

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