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Chris Pearson Exposed

Chris Pearson

Rip your eyes away from Chris Pearson for a moment y’all…



Right, so this post is not about the Chris Pearson video.

No, come back!

If you have to get your Chris fix, the owner of DIYthemes has an interview here you can goggle and fawn over.

It’s an announcement of a new Thesis tutorial, one designed to make everything “we” know about Thesis more evident to the rest of the world.

Thesis – SEO for Everyone is an attempt to reach beyond current experts.

There will forever be flower children who fall for eye candy FAIL in their themes.

For the smarter converts and new bloggers out there, the mules have created “SEO for Everyone” from the observation that the Thesis/Pearson movement may benefit from a basic, single-source guide to proper and immediate use.

No customizations, no hooks.

Not that we feel advanced mods are unimportant, quite the opposite. But starting out can be rather overwhelming – to date, most Thesis tips and posts have leaned towards expanding tools for already sophisticated users.

A two-week test run of advertising “to the literate masses” generated over 500 clicks, but no verified sales. Chris Pearson can confirm.

We hope to balance the high-end trend, spreading Thesis to additional prospects with a convincing, useful document to encourage adoption rates.

Your comments and assistance in redistribution will be greatly appreciated.

As with all mule projects, this has been an uncompensated public service.

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