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Find the Best Thesis Designers for Theme Customization, Design and Development

Get a custom designer to leverage your Thesis theme for WordPress blogs

How Can You Find an Experienced Thesis Professional?

Finding the best Thesis designers to customize your blog is currently a pain for eager customers.

We know of numerous designers and customization gurus available, but the Thesis “geek base” has struggled to keep pace as Thesis becomes the site or blog theme of choice for WordPress users. There’s no place today to advertise services as a group effort.

As a result, the best Thesis designers and developers are not easy to find in one spot, side by side.

The mules hope to correct this.

For Employers – Thesis Designer Listings

In the coming days and weeks, the mules will be assembling a collection of peer-reviewed freelancers and design firms that you, as a prospective client, can use to better select a peer-reviewed, proven Thesis “superstar” to handle your blog’s unique design requirements.

As you already know, Thesis is a powerful WordPress theme, improving with each release.

You may have also recognized that Thesis is not “eye candy” in the traditional sense of a premium “skin” theme.

Thesis comes ready and willing to support extensive, high-impact modifications. This is where a custom design can take your installation of Thesis to the next level of visibility, conversions, and repeat traffic.

Custom images, compelling visuals, a unique layout, custom programming, a static home page; “hooks” into advertising, affiliate marketing tools, social media, and anything else you can imagine – these help set your Thesis blog apart from the crowd. And if you so choose, Thesis can quickly monetize or maximize the revenues of your blog in the process.

If you have a Thesis themed blog – or want to convert your existing blog to Thesis – you’ll want experienced Thesis designers to help you modify or create custom CSS, PHP functions, and any other functionality extending “beyond the box” of Thesis GUI controls.

You need to find leading Thesis professionals… people you can trust to get the job done.

The mules are on it.

As the list rolls out, you’ll see a summary of each Thesis designer’s specialties, a portfolio of their previous Thesis projects, each designer’s contact information and, where applicable, rates or project cost estimates.

Creating a “best in the business” Thesis Designer section – for FREE – means the Mules will not be influenced by anything but the quality, creativity, and coding skills of the listed designers.

Your personal or corporate blog deserves an objective resource to find and hire confirmed, peer-reviewed specialists and Thesis design experts – and here it is.

The list will grow with new designers over time, so check back often, or subscribe to our Mule Feed.

For Freelancers – Thesis Designer Listings

To all of you kickin’ Thesis designers and developers out there, here’s how to send the Mules your request for inclusion in the “best Thesis designers” listings:

Download the Thesis theme designer questionnaire (txt file) and follow instructions.

Again, this is a free service. We like hay, we like carrots. Money tastes awful… and who knows where it’s been?

As such, Thesis Designer Profiles will be published on a schedule the Mules can sustain. We’re familiar with many of the top Thesis designers, and we’ll be pushing them to get a Thesis Designer listing… but we also know there are more out there.

Please help spread the word – you’re not scared… you’re better than the next designer, right?

Besides, we’re family.

The Mules will review each inclusion request carefully, and we will not post a Thesis Theme Designer listing without a dash of stubborn research. Please don’t upset the mules with false Thesis hero statements or portfolio links to blogs or sites you didn’t customize.

ORM-aware Thesis designers understand the value of a positive review, and all reviews will be positive. Those that would not be positive – not that we expect any – we will quietly reject with a note to sender for improvement.

The Mules are no strangers to SEO, and as a Thesis pro, you can be certain we’ll seek to rank highly for top client phrases in general… and specifically for your name or business as well.

So if you want prospective clients to find you when they search for the best Thesis designers and developers available, you know what to do!

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1 konakiko whinnied... 03/6/2009 at 11:51 am

Bryan (aka konakiko) here…
I am a fledgling website designer and big proponent of the Thesis Theme.
I’ve just taken over management of the Thesis Showcase Gallery
This is a free Gallery Showcase which in its short life has displayed customizations by individuals.

My plan it to make this a comprehensive Showcase for all Thesis Customizers. I plan to add more categories so work by specific designers may be showcased.
If you are a Thesis Developer, please get in touch with me. If you have more than one site, I can add you as a Category, so you can showcase your client sites. (also will help with backlinks)

Drop me an email:

2 David Alexander whinnied... 07/7/2014 at 5:19 pm

Hey, good read, I am David a Web designer from the UK who endorses Wordpress and Thesis every day. Check out my work at


3 The Mules nickered back... 07/17/2014 at 12:59 am

The herd is not unfamiliar with your contributions to the community and cause.

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