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One Trick Pony Has Uncommon Ad Sense

Google is Adware. Not malware… that would be evil. Just adware.

Perhaps you’re screaming at your monitor about the wonders of Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, that whole scan-the-printed-universe project, and about a hundred other widgets and veils.

Sorry, those don’t make any money. They are tools Google made to get users to view their ads more often.

Google is a one trick pony, and you can imagine how mules feel about such exploitation. Google cash reliance on ads is easily viewed throughout 2008. Pity it’s not in Google Trends.

Lucky for mules, Barry does the heavy lifting on Google’s AdSense NonSense 2008 in Review

Paraphrasing from that, which is a far better source of info than our own ramblings, Google has added this to the pony in the past year: beer, hard alcohol, image search ads, Youtube ads, Finance and News ads, Maps ads, and – betting big – even Kentucky-free gambling ads.

They’ve also plumped how many ads and where in other categories. What a sad joke. Dogpile!

But even for a one-trick pony, the parked domain AdSense is boring the audience. Google, please clarify on upper management’s definition of “cesspool” – do you mean parked domains hosting your ads?

Thankfully, Google must not see much to gain from purchasing a billion domain names and flooding them with AdSense.

They’ll let “their” UGC – everything that’s ever been published, online or off – continue to take those kinds of risks. Buying domains, generating pages, randomly republishing everything with a few tweaks. Those hardy souls will continue to drive Google to higher levels of never evil “just scraping along” profits.

Back in a few, the mules need to look at stats in Urchin (err, Google Analytics) and Feedburner (err, Google)… hey, there’s still some white space in those – can we get a few contextual ads in there, pretty please?

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