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The DoubleMule PHP Function Generator Tool... What's This Thing... Do...?

Why, it helps you foals generate proper PHP syntax in basic functions, offers one-click hook selection, conditional output, and... for the proud, the few... may contribute to your foundation of knowledge — snicker-whinny... apologies, permit us these hearty brays — the Mules know you bipeds but all too well.

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Now then, shall we move along with laying full waste to your custom_functions.php file? Yes, let's. Backup ready? No? Right then...

Custom Function PHP Code Generator for Thesis — THE CALF-SIMPLE EDITION

New to Thesis? Use this form for a simple function. Make choices from the three options below. Your every instinct will be wrong... think very hard... then do quite the opposite...

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Custom Function PHP Code Generator for Thesis — EPIC MULE CONDITIONAL EDITION

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Condition Restriction 1

IF THIS IS... [more info]

ID Restriction 1 — Single  Condition: single ID number... (optional)

ID Restriction 1 — Array  Condition: multiple ID numbers, comma-delimited... (optional)

Condition Restriction 2 Secondary Conditional Statement. — provided you established your first condition above, you may establish another condition here... first comes OR/AND, then the secondary condition. [more info]

Once more... note that the following four fields are optional — use them only if you wish to have a secondary condition...

Select statement prefix for OR else AND of the secondary condition.

IF THIS IS... [more info]

ID Restriction 2 — Single  Same as before... a non-array single ID number goes below (optional)...

ID Restriction 2 — Array  Same as before... multiple values for an array go below (optional)... recall the necessary use of commas to separate ID numbers — 12,15,29 — like so.


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Priority Action (optional) 

The priority action (optional) assigns output order to functions, including those from default Thesis functions and plugins... to your Function Actions above — enter a number between 1 and 50...