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How to Triple Your Twitter Followers in 24 Hours

Increasing a Twitter follower count seems to be fashionable.  The mules are not sure why, but they figured it was worth trying, given they had, oh, perhaps a couple dozen after months of grazing here and there.

The problem is, Twitter is a young man and lady’s game.  How in the blazes people keep up with the stream of consciousness generated by 50 people watching football or linking their favorite YouTube music videos is beyond old mules, and 50 is a low number.  Some have a thousand followers, others, tens of thousands.  And follow back as many, in some cases.

But what the heck, best thing about Twitter is you can unfollow anyone you’ve followed, and while they can do the same, the truly big players seem to lose count awfully fast.

The mule strategy used the law of small numbers, which the mules will define their own way: a small number times three, is still a fairly small number.

But it’s still a proven way to increase Twitter followers significantly in a very short period of time – and retain the majority of them… even if you need to lay back your ears and unfollow a few afterward.

Here it is: find the big guns with big numbers in both the following and followers columns.  Follow them.  A few will have an automatic “follow anyone who follows them” Twitter profile setting.  They’ll also be likely to talk.  Tweet, that is.

Tweet a lot.  They’ll quite often tweet most to other big guns.  Rinse and repeat, following a dozen or more of those big players with two-column numbers in the thousands, and be sure to make yourself known, a bit of research helps here, with an @ to the big herds.

Not all of their followers will see your “at” send or replies, but some will, and some of those will follow you if you’re not a donkey.  Be relevant to the @whoever and you’ll hit a cross-section of their herd’s interests in the Twitter universe, and, as the the mules found, it’s an hour’s work to get a hundred followers.

Quality?  Depends on your intent for Twitter use.  Some people would make “to Scoble” a verb on par with “to Google” and those people, bless their hearts, simply cannot digest and reply and visit every link or tweet running down the trail.

But even if you’re slow as a mule, ride out the spam, following and unfollowing as posting habits and “quality” make themselves known, and you can gain your own herd without subjecting yourself to twelve hours a day commenting back about the newest Spears video.

You’ll pardon the mules, a few new folks are following them… must be time to hit refresh and see what’s new on Twitter.

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