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Farewell LinkedIn: How to Invite Creeping Decay

Ignore the title, it’s Linkedin – err, link bait.

Linkedin is not dying.

Linkedin cannot, in fact, die.  It’s too big a vampire now to put a stake into – though with an IPO surely coming, there’ll be plenty of stakeholders ere long.

As with the Wall Street financial institutions that were “too big to fail” (but not too big to massively subsidize), LinkedIn will be with the web for a long while to come.

Don’t believe grizzled mules?  Go look at or – or rather, don’t.  It’s sad.

But there they are, the living dead.

Yahoo’s CEO resigned recently, in a long and winding way that began because Yahoo^ (apologies, but we’re not adding the ridiculous ! sign) lost its will to live, err, Live, a few years ago.

And of course, Yahoo# will remain with us for a long time to come as well.  Yahoo% in fact, looked not unlike Linkedin, way back before USB and the Web got tired of 1.0 or 1.1 and went two-point-oh.

Anyone remember the delightfully useful directory of hand-edited “directory” web sites?

The mules do.  For quite a while, Yahoo+ was superb.  Not as a portal, but – like a few other notables – as a “who needs PageRank?” trusted resource.

You searched, you clicked, you trusted – and generally, it worked pretty well.

Money.  It makes the best of ideas turn to wobbly towers of orange gelatin.  Yes, orange – though the color’s not important.  If you like red or yellow, that’s cool.  The gelatin!  Not money.  Money is green.  What is this, the Euro zone?  Stay with us here folks.

Yahoo put a ridiculous (!!) punctuation mark at the end of their name from the beginning.  Perhaps they knew they were destined to be a swear word.  But they made it big, for all the moaning to the contrary.  When Microsoft scoops them for a premium over share prices or splits their ads and algorithms, Yahoo$ will make out like a bandit.

But their innocence was lost long ago, and with it, their charm.

That’s where Linkedin is pointed today.  The mules would have predicted Twitter, that hyperactive social media gerbil, cranked on meth 140, would score a complete sell-out first.

It was not to be.

Congratulations, Linkedin, the 2008 whore award is now entirely yours.

It’s natural.


A free service grows, grows fast, and has to – wants to – produce revenues to offset costs, and maybe a few billion for the venturesome principals as well.

The ads begin to creep in, the “networking” floods with bots, the groups and dialogues brim with ALLCAP spam beyond moderation.  All this and more is now available to those using Linkedin, and it will get worse before it settles down into a mediocre soup of what was initially a prime idea (cough, FaceBook, cough).

Farewell Linkedin.

Yet another swell idea, brought to a base conclusion by the end of the rainbow.

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