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Out of Office Replies and Your Identity

The mules noticed this week, as Thanksgiving approaches, there’s a caution to be had in email subscriptions combining with out of office replies.

Namely, be aware that an out of office reply broadcasts your identity, or as much of it as you include – whether known to you or not – in “your” automatic reply.

Selecting one, the mules quickly determined which ship an auto-responder’s owner had manned long ago.  It isn’t our interest to dig further, of course – but an identity thief might – and, from as little as this, could.

Be careful with your information, remember you can “give it away” all too easily – and have a safe holiday in every way.

We’re out to enjoy a couple days of fences-down freedom… and especially today, we’re remembering what and who makes such liberty possible.

If you find yourself startled at a call to grace, let your thoughts linger on the many men and women in your family’s service overseas – past and present alike.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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