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Personal Earmarks Tax Code Reform

2009 Personal Earmarks Tax Return Form 1099 Revised Edition - Mules for Democracy

Those in the United States with corporate interests may recall that corporate tax returns are due – postmarked – on Monday.

The mules went to their tax accountant to assess the damage.

As the mules began the involuntary but predictable dry-heaving associated with seeing the tax burden on American businesses, presumably to help pay to bail-out other American businesses, they had an idea.

Taxes suck. Even mules have to pay them.

We want to say where our money goes.

Americans get a pathetic “vote” once every 2-6 years depending on the office to kick or keep representatives, senators, and of course, the President of the United States.

If you didn’t vote for the winner, you won’t see the mule agenda pursued with tax dollars.

If you did vote for the winner, you won’t see the mule agenda pursued with tax dollars.

If you want the lobbyists and two-faced shysters forced to spend your tax funds where you think it’s important, demand the closest thing America could possibly have to a chaos-free version of a pure democracy.

Demand personally-earmarked tax returns.

Mules pay their taxes. Mules should decide where they go. Every single mule that pays taxes should get to dole-out their tax returns to their own pet programs.

Mules want 50% of their tax dollars going towards better-tasting hay.

Mules want 0% of their tax return to go to a war effort of any kind – wars on drugs, wars in Iraq, wars in Afghanistan… we’re not paying to get drafted into pulling around cartloads of mortar rounds.

25% of the mule taxes can go to “green” initiatives. Pastures are better-tended when there’s an expensive array of solar panels nearby, plus we can scratch against the fences.

The last 25% goes to stem cell research. Mules don’t live nearly as long as humans, and it never makes the news. Not cool.

If your government is given a blank check, which it is, then campaign promises are more easily broken, pork creeps in (nobody likes pigs, snooty animals), and accountability is very near zero.

Whereas if a government is given its budget directly by the taxpayers, enforced such that a runaway bail-out cannot steal from the education pot, or a war cannot continue beyond assigned funding (especially at the expense of, say, alternative energy exploration) then we’d know “our tax dollars at work” had gone to the kind of work we almost don’t hate paying to support.

It won’t happen.

The tax code “works” exactly as intended. Nothing will change that.

But you’ll excuse them, the Mules will now daydream that their lifetime millions paid in corporate and personal taxes went into causes more worthy than the ones tax dollars are pouring into today.

If you could… where would you demand your tax dollars go?

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