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QualityGal… Unmasked!

Christina Gleason is... QualityGal!

QualityGal has been outed – and now you can immediately network with her alter ego.

Hop to it… rumor is she’s considering the Superhero Relocation Program!

That, and she’s had dozens of inquiries in the hours following the announcement.

Until now, the world had no alliterative “second name” to associate with QualityGal. We pedestrians could only witness her amazing powers as editor, blogger, content manager – and stand in awe.

QG was mysterious. She was all business, too; a true, full-time superheron… heroin… uh, gal.

Now that mask has been torn away. Who is QualityGal?

No, not Selina Kyle.


QualityGal isn’t nearly as selfish.

The mules also confirmed that QualityGal was not revealed to be Diana Prince – and in case you’re curious, yes, Wonder Woman was “Princess Diana” decades before the release of the popular UK edition.

QualityGal is… Christina Gleason, and she’s… really awesome!

From a business perspective, if you need the highest quality in copy editing, content creation, ghost blogging, or article writing available – you need to chat with Christina.

From a personal vantage, she’s a mother, wife, and all-around role model for the Internet as a symbol of freedom and humanity.

This isn’t a ShamWow advert, dammit!

She really will be unavailable, fast.

Especially with current, ridiculously low “introductory” pricing, which will probably change in about 48 hours.

If you miss out, it’s because the mules are already in line.

We’re not first-up, either.

Stop reading, stop thinking, and contact this rock star yesterday – you’re late to the party!

It’s this easy:

Click for Christina’s article writing, awesome blogging, or copy editing services.

As mules say to dogs… now mush!

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1 christinagleason whinnied... 02/11/2009 at 1:43 pm

You’ve blown my cover! Well, I guess I blew it myself.

Thanks for the awesome plug, complete with comic book panel photo. Although, in QualityGal fashion, I am obliged to point out that heroine is spelled with an e at the end. 😉

It’s going to be all your fault if people start demanding pics of me in a catsuit.

2 The Mules whinnied... 02/11/2009 at 1:57 pm

We mules are constantly battling heroin, or “horse” as it’s known in barnyard slang. It would seem you missed our request for a tasteful cat-suit pictorial – another time, perhaps. 😉

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