DoubleMule Code Robot — Thesis Theme Custom CSS Code Generator

CSS Code Bot Version — Thesis 1.8.5 / WordPress 3.3.2

This edition of the Thesis CSS Code Robot applies only to the page framework.

If you are using the full-width framework, best mosey along. The herd may consider a full-width version later. This will be determined by bribes. We're partial to alfalfa.

The DoubleMule Difference... What's This Custom.css Thesis Tool Do?

The one-page form below did this.

Before CSS Bot & After CSS Bot.

Copy. Paste. Before. After.

Any further questions? We thought not.

Instructions & Introduction to the Thesis Custom CSS Mule Code Robot...

Along the trail, placing your mouse over links such as that one... go on, try it... will provide text and visual indicators relative to a default Thesis theme layout. Tips, notes on common or default settings, and suggested value ranges may be provided for a given selector. Read these... you've been warned.

All color values must be in a hexadecimal (hex) format. Hex values are six-digit numerals such as 000000 or 7b1010. The hash or pound (#) character will be generated for you. For hex value color picking, note the color wheel over yonder. Right handy, that tool... use it.

When you are done with all changes, click the button at the end to generate your custom Thesis CSS code. Copy and paste the resulting code directly into your custom.css file in the Thesis interface. If you are among the brighter of your species, note that leaving the code output open in its own window or tab allows you to click the BACK button, allowing you to make edits and generate new CSS code.

Fast as a rabbit, you'll have customized visual elements of your Thesis theme... ones that are not already one-click edits in the native Thesis user interface.

Do not change anything you do not want generated as custom CSS code. Don't want to change something? Don't edit it. The herd is quite sure you will fail to listen on this matter. Did we note there is absolutely zero support of this tool, express or implied? Oh good, we just did.

BODY (body.custom)

Body Background Color (hex) #
Body Background Image (url)
Repeating Commands (repeat)
Fixed or Scrolling Image (scroll)

CONTAINER (#container)

Container Top Margin (ems)

HEADER (#header)

Whoa there, feeble biped! If you want to make an image banner you can click, use the herd's specific CSS code generation tool for this purpose. Thesis also now offers a baked-in Header Image tool in its interface... you may wish to use that instead. This area provides simple custom Header formatting, with options for a background color, a background banner image that is not clickable, and the text of your blog name and tagline remain visible as text.

The header will be devoid of padding, border, margin, and the image will be centered and not repeat or tile. Don't like it? Find another Thesis custom.css code generator! Or, you may edit these options later... each of these values will be explicitly defined in the generated CSS... yours for easy editing.

Header Background Color (hex) #
Header Background Image (url)
Header Image Width (px)
Header Image Height (px)


Entire Menu Background Color (hex) #
Entire Menu Background Image (url)
Entire Menu Image Height (px)
Repeating Commands (repeat)
Menu Adjust CAPITALS (case)
Menu Adjust Text Kerning (letter-space)

CONTENT BOX (#content_box)

Content Box Background Color (hex) #
Content Box Background Image (url)
Repeating Commands (repeat)

BYLINE AREA (p.headline_meta, .span, .abbr)

Byline Adjust Font Bold {text-weight}
Byline Adjust Font Italics {font-style}
Byline Adjust CAPITALS (case)
Byline Adjust Kerning (letter-space)
Byline Cursor on Mouseover (cursor)

SIDEBARS (#sidebars, #sidebar_1, #sidebar_2)

Sidebar Wrap Background Color (hex) #
Sidebar 1 Background Color (hex) #
Sidebar 2 Background Color (hex) #

SIDEBAR WIDGETS (.widget, .widget h3)

Widget Titles Adjust CAPITALS (case)
Widget Titles Adjust Font Variants
Widget Titles Adjust Letter Spacing

Widget Border Line Thickness
Widget Border Line Type
Widget Border Line Color (hex) #

COMMENTS (dt dd .even, .odd, .comment-author-admin)

Even Comments Background Color (hex) #
Even Text & Links Color (hex) #
Even Link Color on Mouseover (hex) #

Odd Comments Background Color (hex) #
Odd Text & Links Color (hex) #
Odd Link Color on Mouseover (hex) #

Admin Comments Background Color (hex) #
Admin Text & Links Color (hex) #
Admin Link Color on Mouseover (hex) #

FOOTER (#footer, #footer a)

Footer Area Padding (ems)
Footer Text Alignment
Footer Text & Links Color (hex) #
Footer Link Color on Mouseover (hex) #

Footer Background Color (hex) #
Footer Background Image (url)
Footer Image Height (px)
Repeating Commands (repeat)