Create a Clickable Header Image Banner for the Thesis Theme — Custom CSS Cut and Paste Code Generator

You're here because you want a clickable header, where "clickable" means linked to your blog's home page.

You want a linked banner... but you don't exactly know where to begin. Thesis users rejoice... we've made it simple.

This CSS code generator will create additional "customize if you want" CSS syntax. If you need to make additional changes to your clickable header banner, edit the code output once you've clicked the button outlined in red.

The primary way you humans will fumble this Thesis banner tool will be in the "URI" area. Wreck your image location later — for now, the herd recommends that you start with a sure bet. Use an absolute URI reference to your image location, not a relative path.

An absolute URI looks like this:

To check the validity of your absolute URI image path before you waste time using this clickable banner tool, you may enter the URI into your browser address bar, hit Enter or the equivalent, and if you can see your image... you are ready to begin!

Banner Image URI
Image Width in Pixels
Image Height in Pixels