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Kristarella Studios – Thesis Designer Series

Kristarella Studios Thesis WP Theme Designer

The Mules wish to help businesses and individuals interested in Thesis. Top on the list of client requests has been a service to find and connect with experienced Thesis Designers.

Identified as leading candidates by their peers in the online WordPress and Thesis community, the designers profiled in this series are leading experts on Thesis modification and custom “skin” creation.

In short, here are the Mules’ picks as the best resources in the world to help you supercharge and visually distinguish your custom blog or Thesis themed web site.

Kristarella Studios

Thesis Designer – Kristen Symonds
Headquarters – Sydney, Australia
Designer Home Page –
Client Inquiries –

Thesis Designer Profile – Customization & Experience

My first love and primary area of expertise lies in style sheets. I feel right at home in the custom CSS and PHP functions files that Thesis uses for hooks and formatting.

Naturally, for CSS to be useful beyond a tutorial level, I’m also extremely familiar with XHTML and am increasingly pushing the boundaries of PHP and the Thesis hooks and custom functions. I can implement JavaScript, jQuery flavours in particular, as needed.

As a Thesis Designer, I seek creative and elegantly semantic methods to solve the questions of client web site aesthetics and functionality.

The Thesis Designer Peer Group Reviews Kristarella Studios…

The framework nature of Thesis fits Kristarella perfectly. Like the Thesis theme itself, Kris intuitively separates form and function, content and presentation layers.

Mastery of CSS enables her to create visually stunning, extensible, and modern designs with a clean, vibrant appeal. The client value proposition and key elements of the design focus put a lever under the flexibility of the Thesis theme, increasing visitor page-view averages and time on site… and of course, improved conversions!

Her tutorials on the Firebug CSS plug-in and various Thesis-specific topics have made Kristarella one of the most respected names in the Thesis Designer group. Clients openly rave about their custom blog designs.

Kristarella’s Thesis Design Portfolio

Additional Portfolio Examples Page

Rate Structuring for Custom Thesis Designs:

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1 shuki whinnied... 03/4/2009 at 4:32 pm

I am glad I am the first to comment about how great it has been working with Kris. We are on opposite sides of the planet and yet it feels like she is sitting next to me…she is able to respond and get the ideas I have in my head out and on to the blog design seamlessly.

I give her two thumbs way up…I would do more but I only have two thumbs 🙂

2 hitthosekeys whinnied... 03/4/2009 at 9:35 pm

I think Kristarella does amazing work, and she is so generous with her discoveries about how to make the most of the Thesis theme. I’m so glad to see her getting the attention she deserves! Props to The Mules!

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