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Thesis Orange – Jorge Lima – Thesis Designer Series

Jorge Lima at ThesisOrange - DoubleMule Certified Thesis Theme Designer for WordPress

Thesis Designer: Jorge Lima — ThesisOrange Designer Home Page:
Headquarters – Connecticut, USA & Oporto, Portugal
Client Inquiries:

Designer’s Statement…

ThesisOrange is a boutique team of designers who specialize in the conversion of Adobe PSD comps to WordPress sites based on the Thesis Theme.

They specialize in the creation of highly customized Thesis-based web sites for companies, bloggers, freelancers and overbooked design houses in need of a trusted, quality client service provider.

Jorge Lima, Founder and Lead Designer, has a great eye for creating high-end, fashionable websites using strong visuals to highlight content and conversions.

Co-founder Pedro Cunha serves as the php “code and scripts” ninja, creating a partnership at Thesis Orange optimized to produce beautiful and highly functional web sites.

Custom WordPress Thesis Theme Designs:

We turn your ideas into artistic web designs, and we’re the secret behind many an exceptional Thesis design.

With a combination of excellent design skills and technical expertise, we deliver web sites that make our clients look great and feel proud of their online presence.

Thesis Orange delivers products quickly and professionally, while containing cost overrun and maintaining affordability.

You, the client, are left with a beautifully-designed, world class custom site… one built on rock solid, standards-compliant code, all delivered quickly and within your budget.

As a client, you’ll have access to our team via email, Skype (voice and chat) and other methods if needed. When you need us, we’re there to help.

Take advantage of our no-obligation, expert Thesis design consultation — contact us today!

Thesis Designer Portfolio:

Click to view this Thesis site.

Click to view this Thesis site.

Click to view this Thesis site.

Click to view this Thesis site.

Click to view this Thesis site.

Click to view this Thesis site.

Click to view this Thesis site.

Pricing for Thesis Theme Customizations

Most of our projects are negotiated to a fixed rate, beginning at $497 for a PSD to Thesis conversion. For a complete rate schedule, click here.

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