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Why the Web is Hot for Passion

Passion on the Internet never happens for most ideas, and for those that get a certain size, passion is easily lost. The mules suggest an easy test for your new idea: if you don’t love it – don’t try it.

Doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about, but that burning desire to share and grow something you love is critical to, if not success, at least your chance for it.

Apple zombies are mocked for it. Less as Apple’s iPod and iPhone and iEyeAye penetrate every household in the Americas, but the original fan base that talks of leopards and how cool the G3 was for the time, those customers are a formidable part of Apple’s brand, no less so than Steve Jobs. Without the slavering Apple fans, there’d never have been an iPod… and to create them, Apple had to be passionate first.

Most of the videos on Hulu or Youtube that crash past a million views are entirely without merit. But seldom without passion. Or passion is hid beneath light treatment of serious topics, or serious treatment of silly ones… does anyone really care if glow sticks do well in a blender? They wouldn’t normally, but when you add intensity and energy to just about anything, a few million will at least watch someone who appears to care.

Lisa Barone and friends are passionate about knee socks. Lots of them. Oh, and this fuss because they’re eager to look “adorable” in them. That’s passion. Mules are all for a couple pair of woolly leggings in the heart of winter, but they’d not get very far with their lackluster passion for knee socks. Which is why Lisa & company went for it – will surely succeed with knee sock rock stardom – and the mules did not.

There are a million examples. You know when you see them. Some people love Blackberries. Many love Barack Obama, or their local team. Of course, since we’re talking politics, gadgets, sports, and celebrities, it should be noted your passion can be profitable… even if you passionately dislike the topic.

Love it or hate it, pick the far end of your emotional spectrum when you think about “something to do online” – if you’re not already driven to tears or rage or adulation – time to put that idea on the pile of good ideas that are not for you.

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