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Write a Haiku, Get Punished with a MacBook Air

For bored or broke mules, online contests are a great way to avoid doing real work.

Take this one from CopyBlogger on writing a haiku for a MacBook Air (you have until Sunday).

Though you must have a Twitter account to play. That’s right, Twitter. Not only must you write poetry, however bad, you also have to release your masculinity and join a social network that expects you to know what a “tweet” is – enjoy that.

As for Copyblogger submissions, the mules’ favorite so far…

i am no fanboi / mac book air to make my day / i sell on ebay

Go on, you know you want to waste time you could have spent productively. Mules are heavily discriminated against in the haiku world, the whole 5/7/5 issue is hell without fingers to count on, pun intended.

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